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Travel Programs Assumption of Risk Form

Participation in James Madison University sponsored travels is entirely voluntary, and participants may withdraw from the activity at any time. In determining whether you will participate in the activity, you should be aware that JMU cannot undertake financial responsibility for you or your personal property in the event that you are injured or your personal property is damaged or lost while participating in the activity.
In consideration of JMU permitting your participation in the activity, you must agree to assume the risks known to be inherent in the activity, as well as any unforeseeable risks.
The known risks inherent in the activity include but are not limited to:
  • Ankle, knee, or hip injuries sustained while traversing uneven and/or slippery terrain
  • Injuries sustained during inclement or fair weather, including injuries sustained from insect or reptile bites and contact with poison ivy, poison oak, nettles, or other urticants.
As is the case with many other activities in which you may engage, you should determine whether you or your family have health or accident insurance in effect to adequately cover you should you be injured while participating in this activity.
JMU faculty, staff, and travel leaders will seek to minimize travel hazards by implementing appropriate safety measures. However, to reduce the risk of accidents, travelers must abide by the following travel provisions:
1. Obey all safety instructions given by the travel leader. Travelers not conforming to these instructions may be dismissed from the trip.
2. Stay with the group or working teams except by clear arrangement with the travel leader. Immediately alert the trip leader if someone becomes separated from the group.
3. Immediately report any accident, injury, illness, or “near miss” to the travel leader. The travel leader will be responsible for logging any travel-related accidents, injuries, or near-misses within 24 hours to the appropriate university officials.
4. Wear appropriate clothing, footwear, and personal protective equipment.
5. Prior to the trip, it is recommended to notify the field trip leader of any disability (i.e. injuries, phobias, etc.) or medical condition (i.e. heart condition, asthma, allergies, etc.) that may impact your ability to participate safely. Carry a sufficient supply of any necessary medication.
6. All participants must observe state law restricting the use of tobacco products or alcoholic beverages at any time in state vehicles.

JMU Travel Participant Release Form
Hiking and Walking Special Interest Groups

I have read and understand the foregoing explanation of the risks inherent in the voluntary travel activity. I am at least eighteen years of age, and it is my decision to participate in the activity, if accepted by James Madison University. I hereby accept the risk of injury to me and to my personal property as a result of participating in the activity, and, as further consideration for its permitting me to participate in the activity, I hereby release James Madison University from any and all damages, injuries, claims, causes of actions, or losses of any kind which I may have resulting in whole or in part from my participation in off-campus travel activities.

I understand that if I have any question about the foregoing at any time in the future, I may contact the JMU University Risk Management Office at 540-568-6495 or [email protected], who has sole authority in this matter.

I understand that this Assumption of Risk form will remain in effect during the full academic year, unless a specific revocation of this document is filed in writing to the James Madison University Lifelong Learning Institute, at which time my participation in the travel program/special interest group will cease.

By choosing to participate in any particular activity, I am affirming that I am healthy enough, and physically able, to do so safely.

I agree to notify the JMU Lifelong Learning Institute office at 540-568-2923 of any changes to my individual health conditions that may impact my ability to participate safely.

I acknowledge that I have read and fully understand this form before signing it and agree to be bound by its terms.

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